Consulting Actuary

by R. Krishnaswamy on May 24, 2010

R. Krishnaswamy is a Consulting Actuary based at Chennai. He has been in practice for the last thirty years. He specializes in employee- benefits related actuarial practice. He has published and presented a number of papers in the areas of employee- benefit valuation, brand valuation, human resources accounting etc.

Prior to this he was a Mathematics lecturer in the Madura College, Madurai from 1937 till 1952.From 1952 he was the actuarial assistant in the Department of Insurance,Simla till 1961.Then he was appointed as the Divisional Manager in the Senior Office of the Life Insurance Corporation of India(LIC) in Lucknow,Thanjavur,Bangalore,Jaipur and Coimbatore.

Krishnaswamy holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics and the Fellowship Qualifications of the Institute of Actuaries, London and the Institute of Actuaries, India. Before setting up his Actuarial Consultancy, Krishnaswamy had been with the Life Insurance Corporation of India [LIC] for about sixteen years in senior management positions and prior to that he had been with the Controller of Insurance Office for a period of seven years. He is also a national level Bridge player.
He is married to K.Padmakshi and has two children Dr.K.Sriram who is also an actuary and Dr.K.Rama who is the Professor of Pathology in Kasturba Gandhi Hospital, Chennai.

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